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Monday, April 21, 2014

Subscription Box Nightmare! Oh, Dear, I'm Angry!

Good Monday Morning,

I really, really, really, hate(can you tell really) to start the week off with a rant, but I just had to get this off of my chest! 

As most of you know because I've shared this with ya'll many times...I live on a fixed income due to my disability, but, do make decent extra making and selling all the things that I share with you on my blog, so, with that said.....I've read on more blogs than I can count about all the lovely and beautiful monthly subscription boxes that are out there. Make-up boxes, fashion boxes, mixed boxes, food boxes, pet and baby boxes....I mean, I just couldn't believe of all the monthly boxes out there until I read about them.

So, at the first of April and paying my rent and other bills, I decided to TREAT MYSELF to one of these boxes! I had read many blog articles and in fashion magazines about one that sounded interesting....it had make-up....snacks....and fashion items.....wow, sounded just like what I wanted for my treat. I went to the site and read all about it...picked out a 1st time subscription price....my way of thinking was that I would order just one to see if I really like it. The order was placed and BAM, I was so darn excited! Now, not for legal reasons, but reasons I will share with you later in this story, I'm not naming the company. I went to bed that night so excited....just couldn't wait to get it. The site had said Free Shipping and would get it within 8 days OR SO!!! The next morning I get up and sure enough they had already taken money out of my account, so, I just knew my box was on the way.

I then went on Facebook and found the page and gave them a Like and told them how excited I was to have ordered their box....and, WOW, about an hour later had a message from them stating they were glad also that I had found them. Well, about two days went by and I still  hadn't received an email with tracking info....well, I thought, maybe they have so many women ordering right now, that they are a LITTLE BEHIND and I would very soon get tracking info.....WRONG! So, when that afternoon rolled by and still no tracking info, I then went back to Facebook and did what I SHOULD HAVE DONE BEFORE I ORDERED and read comments from other subscribers...was I SHOCKED! 

I would say that one to two comments out of every 6 or so were from people that were having the same problem...no tracking info.....waiting on monthly and special edition boxes for 2 to 3 months....or tracking info with Fed Ex saying "in transit" for weeks! Well, to say I was upset and shocked was an under statement....so, I started posting comments that reflected how I felt....and commenting on others comments to let them know I was in the same fix! After about a week or so, I FINALLY got a tracking number....but, that is when the real fun began. To be honest, I think I became a little obsessed with the situation....I began going to Fed Ex daily...hourly....half hourly...minute by minute....checking to see what was going on. It seemed that after DAYS AND DAYS my box was still in California!

Also, during this time, myself and any other person who complained on Facebook, would get either BLASTED by all the lovers of this box or get a reply from company saying "your order would be shipped soon".  I would stare at the computer screen all day long checking on status updates on package, and, unfortunately make myself get more angry( this is what I looked like and what I wanted to do):

So, after much frustration and finally calling Fed Ex, I find out about Fed Ex Smart Post, which means that Fed Ex will pick up package from shipper and then take it to USPS and it will work it's way through the mail system from Cali to Georgia. Fed Ex site it is still just sitting in Cali with an expected delivery date of April 28th! I ordered on the 1st...do not get til the 28th! Doesn't make sense....I've order things from across the globe and NEVER has it taken this long. I know some may wonder why I'm so upset....the thing is $39.95 is alot for someone like me....that is a huge bag of dog food for my Odawg....dinner out with a friend....a new outfit a Belks or TJ Max....anything,but having my money taken out the very next day....a package bought and paid for and NO ONE can tell me when I will get it or why it is taking so long!

Whew.....ok, I'm done.....I just had to share this story with you, my friends....get it off my chest....now. more wonderful and glorious java.....and sitting outside enjoying my beautiful garden!

I hope everyone has a Blessed day,


Thursday, April 17, 2014

2ND Liebster Award! Wow!

I was so excited this morning when I read that Tiffany from Stuck on a Cloud had Nominated me for my 2nd Liebster Award!!!

I'm still having trouble with my leg, and as I told Tiffany in a message, I will try and "live up to my end of the bargain for this award" over the weekend. But, if you get a chance today, drop by and visit Stuck on a Cloud and tell her Deborah from Three Dawg Lady Designs sent you:http://stuckonacloud.com/


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun Charm Necklaces!

Good Saturday Evening,

It has been way over a week since I posted anything....I know, I know, "bad blogger"...but, it seems that last Friday night while watering my plants, I stepped wrong, and BAM, pulled tendon...knee cap out of place.....leg immobilizer....but, again, this kept me inside with no excuse to go anywhere, and Voila....I made some really nice necklaces!

I have always loved charm bracelets....I so remember my Aunt Vida....she was my favorite Aunt....and she had the most beautiful gold charm bracelet with so many charms....and yes, it did "tingle tangle" when she walked....just loved it. So, when I started seeing charm necklaces, I thought, wow....that would be really neat.

I had been to Micheal's recently and had bought some really nice charms by art-i-cake by Amy Labbe, and had even found a cute line of charms at Wal-Mart....I used gold and silver chains, and am really excited how cute they turned out:

Now, they are not the best I know that I can create, but, they are not the worst either....I've order different chain, but, I used what I had....I think I really like them. Can't wait to share some more with you...


Sunday, April 6, 2014

It Is What It Is Sunday #?....Leg Hurting To bad!

Good Sunday Morning Everyone...

Did you notice that I had a ? instead of a number....well, it has been so long since I post on a Sunday...I've forgotten how many this is supposed to be! Oh yes, I could go look, but, I'm really feeling lazy today....this week had been so busy, hectic, and emotionally wrenching for me...

first, as you know I've been having trouble with my left leg again! That is the leg I broke back in 2008 down around the ankle area. Even have some nice metal in there to remind me how painful it is, but I make it by.  About 3 weeks ago now, I started having swelling in the knee area. Was worried that it was a blood clot...went to doctor...had an ultrasound done and no clots...yea! BUT, my doc couldn't figure it out...so, I went and had x-rays done on the left knee. Well, she calls me back with a report that says there are NO cracks...fissures...in the knee cap but it does shows asymmetrical narrowing and she wants to send me to an orthopaedic...so, I say ok...but, she doesn't give a good explanation of what this asymmetrical whatever really is.

Then on Friday night after pizza with the girls on the porch...I go back outside to water our beautiful garden, and just step back and the heel of my shoe hits the tip of my rocking chair, and BAM....I guess I jumped or something...and I hear and feel at the same time, as very LOUD SNAP behind my left knee. Almost dropped to the porch...grabbed a hold of the post there and hollered for my neighbor to come and help me inside. I had been using a walker these past weeks to get around and thank goodness I had it here.

So, after getting me inside and deciding to call 911....and sitting in ER....i find out that the inner side of my knee where the bones connect...tendons all run thought there...is narrowing and my main tendon in that area is literally snapping out of place and rubbing over the bone! So, now I'm in a leg immobilizer, which I can't stand....still going to the orthopaedic on Wednesday, but ER doc said I probably need surgery to see what all is going on in there.....

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by everything right now...I can't go babysit my grandson right now...I can't drive to Dollar Tree....nothing but stay inside and "take care of that leg" as my mother tells me everyday....so, here I am....going to try and work on some crafts today and just take it easy...thanks for letting me vent!



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NEW!! Spring and Summer Signs!

Greetings Everyone,

Wow, yesterday was just a beautiful day here in South Georgia.....Sun was shinning.....sat on the porch and just enjoyed the warmth and visited with my neighbors.

But, I had started on some cute Spring and Summer signs....so, took some pics of them hanging in my beautiful Blooming Pear tree right by my front door and wanted to share them with you:

I so enjoy painting these signs.....and have many more ideas for signs.....more mermaids!

Let me know what you think as I always love comments.....



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY Barrel Swivel Bracelets! Fishing Equipment, Oh My!!!

Good Tuesday Evening Everyone,
Well, first let me say, I did it again! I forgot my It Is What It Is Sunday...gosh darn it! So, I can honestly say, I was home, with my bad leg still propped up. It is still giving me a hard time and I'm waiting on a referral from my primary doctor to an orthopedic doctor....have a feeling there might be some more surgery in my future.

But, let me get on with telling you about this totally awesome DIY easy peazy bracelet. First, let me say, that although I was the 1st of my parents children and my Daddy loved seeing me dressed up all so pretty in my beautiful dresses....he didn't mind loading me up, putting a pair of jeans on me, and off we would go "to the fishing hole", which was down at the Satilla River here in South Georgia. Needless to say, I did love fishing and still do, and some crabbing, shrimping...heck, anything to do with water, and if I could get my hands on Daddy's tackle box, I loved all the shiny things in there...of course I was supervised...lol. So, much to my surprise not to long ago, I was posting something on a Blog Party, and there was the cutest DIY by Jo over at http://diybyjo.blogspot.com/, and well, I had to try it. 

So, I had bought the items that I needed back at the first of the month, but, just now got around to it.....the packets of the brass fishing lure swivels cost me about $1.50 a pack.....I bought a new pack of gold-tone lobster clasps and I already had the jump rings.....so, look how good they turned out:

I just love them.....I think I need to go "plunder some more in the tackle box"!

Enjoy and Blessings,


Monday, March 17, 2014

Día de Muertos Inspired Shoes

While I have been basically at home trying to take care of my leg....I was crafting away! First, I have to say if you have never visited or know of Kathy Cano-Murillo of craftychica.com, well, then you do not know what you are missing. She is a very talented woman who has inspired me so many times.

Her love of Mexican culture and how she incorporates it into so many of her amazing designs is, well amazing. Some of you may remember that last summer, I painted a pair of plain white canvas slip-on's I purchased from Wal-Mart to look like watermelons:

So, I decided to put my love of the Mexican holiday of The Day of the Dead or as it is known in Mexico, Día de Muertos into painting myself a new pair of shoes! I went back to Wally World, much to my chagrin, but, I knew I could find an inexpensive pair of black canvas slip-ons...and I did.

I wasn't sure what my design was going to be, so, I just went with the flow....what ever my hands started painting, well, that is what got painted. I'm really excited how they turned out....it will be several days before I can wear them as I like to let the paint set...but, I hope you like them:

I think I might like to paint a couple more pairs....work on my designs some more.....but, I think I like them!