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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Wonderful Christmas Craft Show!

Happy Monday evening from a very chilly and windy South Georgia! The Arctic Vortex that has affected other parts of the country, maybe, even where you live, has finally made it way down South! I'm all bundled up sitting in the recliner, wishing that it was the morning, so I could have a cup of java, but, alas...at my age, I just can't drink it this late at night anymore.

This weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 1st Annual Grace Episcopal Church Christmas Bazaar. First, this is a beautiful church with courtyards everywhere, beautiful places to sit and pray or meditate, filled with gorgeous stained glass windows.....just a wonderful place to be. This was their first time holding a church bazaar which spotlighted local vendors sharing all sorts of great crafts and talents!

Now, I have to say, that this show, wasn't the best of sales I've had, but, the sales were great, and the fellowship between the vendors was awesome.  The woman who planned the event was my childhood best friend....we spent every day together.....and visiting and reconnecting with her was better than all the sale I could make. But, I'm going to share some pics from my booth, which showcased my whimsical folk art and signs.....handmade jewelry.....wine glass candle holders.....my adorable wooden snowmen families and my new Countdown to  Christmas plates.....and the last pic will be of me towards the end of the day looking very tired, but with a smile on my face......

 I'm going to be taking it easy from now to the first of the year....making a few gifts and a few recipes I want to try.....and spending time with my Daddy who is not doing well. Please think of our family when you say your prayers.  Enjoy the pics and Blessings to you,


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chocolate Covered Spoons! Oh My!

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I feel really like a bad parent...I haven't blogged or posted anything this past week! I have been doing nothing but getting ready for a huge Christmas Craft Show this coming Saturday.....so, as much as I hate to admit it, blogging hasn't been on my mind. But, I'm back.....almost through with everything I'm going to be selling.

One of the items I've made is coffee mugs with funny sayings painted on them. Ya'll know I love my coffee, but, another thing that I love is chocolate! I had thought about ordering some pre-made chocolate covered spoons, but, after searching, I realized that it wasn't in the budget. So, I researched on Pinterest and realized that I probably could make them myself.

I had a pack of spoons left over from the last cook out, and had the chocolate morsels to melt, but, I wanted to have something else to add a little pizazz. I drove down to my closet Dollar General just to see what I might could find, and found a small box of Christmas Peppermint Bark, which I love. When I got back, I placed several pieces in a Ziploc bag, and crushed it into small pieces so it would be easier to place on the melted chocolate on the spoons. So, gathering the chocolate morsels, wax paper for the baking sheet to lay the spoons on, the spoons, I then placed about a cup of the morsels in a small dish and micro-waved them until they were thoroughly melted...this took about a minute.

I quickly dipped each spoon into the melted chocolate and then dropped the peppermint pieces on each spoon. I laid each one on the baking sheet and placed into refrigerator to set.

There were a few things I need to do the next time....I realized I could add a very small amount of oil if the chocolate gets to hard, and to make small batches of the chocolate, but, I tried one out this afternoon with a cup of coffee and it was so good, and of course each one will be wrapped in clear wrap and finished with a cute little bow!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween at Gobbler Hollow!

Happy All Saint's Day from Gobbler Hollow!

Last night, was our families annual FREE Halloween Festival we put on at my sisters/mothers house! We all spend weeks ahead of time creating displays and building all types of ghosts and ghouls! From years past of having many members of the family including the parents, to last night, having a good many involved, but not as many as before.

We have a No Scare Zone for the young ones, to our haunted town and Grim Reaper to our Witches House we had this year. We also built a backdrop featuring a scarecrow and donkey where the youngsters could get their pics made for free! Also, this year, our mother decided we needed to have a popcorn machine plus candy!  Each year, my sisters and I dress up as The Witches Three....my baby sister, Rebecca is Esme....the Wise One! Me, well, I'm usually Winnie from Hocus Pocus, and my other younger sister can do a great British voice and she is the "classy Ronnie" who "flies" in for Halloween. So, the first pic will be of the Witches Three...from left to right...Esme, Winnie, and Ronnie.....will have various pics from the Haunt...and end with the last where you can clearly see I'm out of costume!

 In this very last pic, you can tell, I had already slipped out of costume....since I'm the "elder sister witch", I was tired....lol. Also pictured with us is our dear family friend Michelle, who was our candy fairy!

Now, it is back to getting ready for the Christmas Craft show!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What I Love.....Whimsical Art!

This past month or so, I have been spending almost every waking hour making crafts for a Christmas craft bazaar coming up in November. I've looked at so much red, green, and white....that my eyes were crossing, but, still yet, I wanted to paint!

When I started this journey almost 3 years ago of having a blog and sharing my crafts and stories, I had taught myself how to paint.....and painting fun, bright, and whimsical women paintings is what I loved. So, I had been thinking of doing a series of paintings with The Queen.....funny women with crowns and bright clothes and funny sayings. So, I took this weekend, and painted the first:

 I just love her.....she is just like me....full figured......loves to dress up......and yes,  I love my Bling!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Upcycled Cabinet Door Snowman!

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Yes, yes, I know.....Halloween isn't even here yet, much less Thanksgiving, and I'm talking about snowmen! But, I love Christmas and all the beautiful and neat decorations you can make during the holiday season.

I recently went "dumpster diving" with my Mom and sister, and it was so much fun! I found a lot of boards that were just right for all my funny signs that I love making, but, I also found a "treasure trove" of old cabinet doors! I was beyond elated! Did I mention that this particular dumpster was from a cabinet/wood shop? Well, it is, and it was like Christmas morning finding all these goodies!

So, I decided that I had to dedicate one of the cabinet doors to a snowman:

Isn't he just a doll! I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep him or sell him at the Christmas church bazaar, but, either way, he would make a great addition to anyone's holiday decorating.....hanging on a porch.....inside by the mantel....or even from a tree outside as I did in this photo shoot.

Just love this Guy!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Homemade Apple Dumpling!

My Mom has always told me that a good cook, could go to her pantry and find something to cook! 

Well, last night was one of those nights that I really channeled Mom. I had eaten a really great salad full of arugula and other healthy greens with some great cheeses and nuts! Just delicious! So, while sitting on the couch watching the news before my Wednesday night programs came on, all of a sudden, I had a major swwet attack! I knew there wasn't a pack of "double stuffed Oero's" hidden anywhere in my kitchen.....so, to the pantry I went!

I looked and looked.....opened the refridgerator several times.....so, after noticing I had a can of biscuits and I had several fresh apples....I knew an aspple dumpling was in the making. I had no intentions of taking pics, but decided after I started I wanted a few. I cut up and cube one apple in a small sauce pan adding 2 teaspoons of butter. I let butter melt and the apples to stewing....I added some cinnamon and a small spoonful of brown suger. While the apple was cooking I opened can of biscuits....floured my cutting board and rolled out four of the biscuits so they were very thin.

After the apple was done I laid two of the biscuits together and folded the edges together so it looked one big biscuit. I spooned a heaping of the apple mixture into each big biscuit and folded the edges over on the top. I then took one extra biscuit and rolled it out and cut small leaves out and placed them on top of each dumpling. I ended up having enough for two.

Placed them in the over on 350 and cooked till they were browned as per instructions on biscuits. While they were cooking, I got another small sauce pan and squirted a heaping of honey into pan....heated that up til it bubbled. When dumplings were done I poured honey glaze over each and then mixed up a spoonful of powdered sugar with a spoonful of milk and added that glaze onto.....They were beautiful and delicious!

So, ladies, one apple and a can of biscuits and some spices and other things I had on hand from the kitchen! Thanks Mom!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three Dawg Lady Has A New Look!

Happy Sunday Evening Ya'll!

Wow, I finally took some times from making tons of Christmas crafts to work on the look for my blog.......

and, now I have a new header, which I love! New background......new colors.....and all for FREE! If you are looking for something new for your blog and love the "shabby chic" look, then please go check out all the wonderful FREE things at shabbyblogs.com!

I was amazed at all the beautiful backgrounds, templates, and so much more for FREE! This isn't a paid solicitation, this is just one grateful woman for all the beautiful things I found for FREE on this site!

Take the time to go check them out!